Divas Chilling by the Pool

Divas Chilling by the Pool

British model Amy Jackson flaunts her toned back before taking a dip into the pool

Multi-Grammy Award winner Beyoncé poses for the camera in the pool.

Kylie Jenner ​who has shown her fashion acumen through her own fashion line, is one of the youngest entrepreneur in the world.

Beyoncé poses with a funny face during a photoshoot in the pool.

Kylie Jenner has also enhanced her personality with surgeries and fillers.

Marilyn Monroe made it to Hollywood post her wedding to a factory worker at the age of sixteen. Clothing played an important part in Monroe's star image, which is still followed by upcoming actresses.

Nicki Minaj has experimented with different genres, apart from her eccentric fashion

Beyoncé ​looks like a breath of fresh air during the photo shoot.

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